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Personal Tax Allowances

You are classified as a tax payer as soon as you are born and the main personal allowances as at tax year 2017/18 are as follows:

Capital Gains Tax £11,300

Inheritance Tax (IHT) Nil Rate Band (NRB) £325,000

Inheritance Tax Additional Nil Rate Band (ANRB) for those with a property valued at less than £2,350,000 and being bequeathed to Children or Grandchildren

         2017/18    £100,000
         2018/19    £125,000
         2019/20    £150,000
         2020/21    £175,000

Thereafter the ANRB will increase in line with CPI.

IHT annual gift exemption £3,000 (and can be carried back one year)

IHT small gift value £250 (but not in addition to someone who has had the £3000 gift)

Wedding Gift value £5,000 from each Parent or £2,500 each Grandparent and £1,000 from anybody else

There is no limit to how much and how often you can give to a charity without incurring Inheritance Tax.

You could also get some relief on other types of tax such as Income Tax, when you do this.

If you leave at least 10% or more of the ‘net value’ of your estate to a Charity, it’s possible to reduce the rate of Inheritance Tax on some assets from 40% to 36%.

Maximum ‘ Standard’ Pension Contribution £40,000

The Pension Lifetime Allowance (LTA) £1,000,000

Maximum ISA Contribution £20,000

Maximum JISA Contribution £4,128

Tax Rates

Income Basic Rate 20%

Income High Rate 40%

Income Additional Rate 45%

Capital Gains Tax 18% for Basic Rate tax payers on 2nd House sale gains

Capital Gains Tax 28% for High Rate or Additional Rate tax payers on 2nd House sale gains

Capital Gains Tax 10% for Basic Rate tax payers on non-House sale gains

Capital Gains Tax 20% for High Rate or Additional Rate tax payers on non- House sale gains

Inheritance Tax 40% over NRB or ANRB (Unless tapered due to a gift being under 7 years ago)

Breaching the £40,000 Annual Allowance for Pension Contributions 55%

Breaching the £1,000,000 Lifetime Allowance for Pension Value 55%

For more information Talk to Ted on 01892 234884 or 01635 777795

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